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A note from the Scotts

14e copyI remember well when the light went off (literally and figuratively).  David and I had gone to “After Dark” and wanted specifically to learn how to do off-camera flash.  We tentatively approached Chuckie Arlund to ask a follow-up question after his class and he said, “do you have a minute?” and proceeded to walk us across the street in downtown Kansas City and spent the next 30 minutes personally walking us through the process, using himself as a model.

I remember at Ann Monteith’s business workshop sitting down to watch Ron Nichols demonstrate ProSelect to us for the first time – that breakthrough moment when we said “this isn’t hard… we could do this”.

I remember sitting down to brunch on a chilly January morning with our community of local photographers – a group we jokingly call “The Cheese Club”  (Josh Carter, Mark Neuenschwander, Jessica Edwards, Deb Anderson, Julie Stephens, Drew Kimball, Angela Spieker, Brian Demint & Kelly Lawson)- to talk about our business and personal goals for the year and being inspired and challenged by their ambitions.

These are just a few moments out of many that have contributed to the success of our business:  learning hands-on from someone whose work we respect, watching someone walk through a process so we can see how it’s done – removing the mystery, and having friends in the industry for support and accountability.

With the proliferation of online learning it’s easy to gain skills by clicking and viewing, and there is great value in this.  From our experience though, the most transformational learning has happened when there is someone there to look over your shoulder to say “try this camera setting” or “have you thought about structuring your pricing this way?” or to look you in the eyes and say “YOU deserve to charge more than this”.   We’re here to help and would love to be part of your transformation.

IMG_3935 copy 2Love Notes

“While starting my business when I was in high school, I was clueless on how to run a profitable studio with sales that made money.  After working with David and Whitney, I’ve learned how to speak emotion into my work, conduct myself in a manner that demands high sales, and run a profitable business with senior and family averages approaching $2,850.”

Austin Pekarek Photography

“I always thought you had to have an impressive downtown studio in order to make a decent sale.  David & Whitney taught me that there is so much more to the process!  Before learning their method I was selling a CD of images for $250, but six months after being inspired by their system I saw my first $2500 sale.  It really does work!”

Mitzi Starkweather Photography

“After learning from the Scotts’ fun, down-to-earth classes I moved from online to in-person sales and more than doubled my prices.  My income dramatically increased as did confidence in what I do!”

Alisia K Photography

“Learning from David and Whitney Scott was not only fun but really helped transform the way I run my business. I am so much more confident.  In addition to learning in person, their video that walks you through the process of an in-person sale was a great resource that helped to significantly increase my average sale.”

Yesenia Lassiter – Bella Luca Portraits

“David and Whitney have played a key role in challenging me to believe in my work.  Before attending their classes my average sale was $300.  I’ve now achieved sales as high as $2000!  The Scotts helped me to provide me with the tools to inspire others to not only believe in my work, but invest in it as well.”

Christie Boswell – His Image Studio

IMG_8430 2IMG_5964 2The Details

Let’s make this easy, shall we?

Mentoring is $250/hour.

You can come to us in person (Bentonville, AR)

We can come to you in person (you’ll pay travel expenses)

We can Skype/Facetime/phone call.

We can even email if you have a list of specific questions.


Options for topics to be covered:

Image Critique & Website review

Efficiency & Time Management

Work/Life Balance

Basic camera skills (in-person only)



In-person Sales

Full session w/ client type of your choice (Senior, baby, child, couple or family)*

-will cover:  lighting (natural and OCF), posing, client interaction

– images you capture can be used in your portfolio

* requires a minimum half day mentoring session in person


Yes!  I want to do it.  What now?


Email us at:

We’ll schedule your mentoring time and send you a questionnaire to determine how best to customize your session.

Once the paperwork is out of the way, the fun can begin!