Whitney Scott Photography… A Love Story

The story is long and involved, as most good stories are. However, we really want you to like us, so we’ll spare you the details.  Here are some highlights, of course… with pictures.

Once there was a girl who loved photography (but for some reason felt she should deny her artistic inclinations and pursue a Masters degree in Psychology – duh!)

One day while surfing the internet when she should have been working, she met a boy (who wasn’t into photography, but was into computers… hence, the internet).

Skipping some really good stories… we’ll just say they met, fell in love and yes, got married.

The girl worked in her counseling profession until the day she went into labor with their first child, a very sweet, very chunky (9lbs 10oz. – I love you C-section!) girl.

The first digital point-and-shoot camera was purchased, and the photo-taking began… and continued… and continued.

Suddenly folks around her started saying “We like your pictures!”, and she began spreading the photo love.

Soon she was feeling more confident in her abilities and (gasp!) started charging for her services! Meanwhile, her handsome husband had begun, in his spare time, learning some mean Photoshop and website development skills.

They got a website.  They got a business license.  They upgraded their camera.  They got pregnant again.

Introducing baby number two.  A precious little boy with a Cary Grant cleft in his chin (thanks Dr. Lacey – not for the cleft, because obviously, that had nothing to do with you – but you know, for the getting the kid out part).

More pictures….

And so here we are now.  With two children who are growing up way too fast….


And that boy and that girl, married fifteen years, still in love… still taking pictures – together.

2013-02-20_022Living a life they love.2013-02-20_024

Shooting weddings…



Teaching classes for beginners…2013-02-20_013and professionals…2013-02-20_025

Traveling to cool places…2013-02-20_021But really just a couple of dorks inside.2013-02-20_034 Doing sessions for babies…2013-02-20_016




Your family…2013-02-20_0152013-02-20_0112013-02-20_019

Our family.


13 thoughts on “Whitney Scott Photography… A Love Story

  1. Oh how your life is as mine is. I have loved taking photos since I was 12 years old. I have a PSYC degree and am not doing much in my field, except have 6 girls. Your story is inspirational and I want to learn more. How did you get your name out there and promote your talents.???
    Respond if you can.

  2. I just wanted you to know that I started crying the second I realized I was seeing pics of your children. Then I read “..A Love Story” and am still crying. I miss you. I am so happy that your life is going great. Mine too. What’s the best way to communicate with you? Send me your email. E

  3. Whitney,
    I find your blog entertaining and “smile” guaranteed. I hope your move is a great step toward new opportunities. Thanks for the Valentine card! I loved it. Please keep in touch.


  4. I am emailed with you guys before and love your photos! My hubby is a youth minister and we had talked about that before. I didn’t know you guys met online! So did we! We met on C of C singles. I just started a photography business! My story sounds a lot like yours…I can’t believe I actually get to charge people for what I love to do! I have been doing it for about two weeks. I have two photo sessions this weekend and several more in the works! The hardest part for me is editing! I bet it is nice to have your hubby helping you with that!

    Love your pictures! THanks for sharing!

  5. Sissy-
    You are SUCH an inspiration to me… this truly is an amazing love story. Thanks for being such a great role model for me:) I love you and your happy family.

    Merry Christmas! (Even though you’re asleep in the other room and we exchanged Christmas wishes this morning 😉

    1. As your sister, I should advise you not to be up at 4:42am! BUT you’re so sweet I won’t tell you what to do just this once. I can’t wait for your love story to begin. : )

  6. Have I told you lately just how amazing your family is? How talented and special you are too? Really your photography is like non other. 🙂

  7. Couldn’t sleep and started looking through the blog and realized I’d never seen this one. As usual, I was amazed at your talent at photography AND your writing skills! I’m SO proud of you! Now I’d better get to bed, because those two precious children are asleep here and will be up EARLY! 🙂 They are a JOY….as are you and David! Love,Mom

  8. I am Sarah Burge’s sister-in-law. I just want you to know I am a 43 year old woman bawling right now. You have the most precious story!!! Thank you so much for sharing it… I love your photography (almost as much as sweet Sarah’s ;)) Gotta be loyal you know! 🙂 Anyway, many blessings to you and your family! Keep up the great photography and loving each other! Ya’ll are precious! Hugs from Texas! Pam Burge

  9. Any chance you guys are traveling through okc anytime soon? We REALLY need family pics!! Hope u all are doing great!!

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