Family Photography: The True Story

IMG_2933vHere’s the true story about family portraits.  Mom wants the outcome, but she is seriously stressed out.  She will work her tail off getting everybody exactly the right coordinating outfits.  There will be pep talks about smiles, pockets full of treats and even bribes about where we will go and what we will do afterward (and that’s just for Dad!).  And yet.  There will be muddy knees and fits and funny faces and things will not be perfect.  Someone will eat a leaf.  There will be a 20 minute bathroom break.  One little guy will only smile when he is on top of Dad’s shoulders.  And I love that.  Some of my very favorite photos have been the result of imperfect moments.  They speak of reality and the life that is what it is.  These are the things we will want to remember, and they are SO worth capturing.  (And often we also get portraits that really DO look like these perfect moments… and we grudgingly accept those too.)IMG_2851IMG_2899IMG_2866IMG_2963vIMG_2960IMG_2946IMG_3203vIMG_3293IMG_3116IMG_3148vIMG_3180IMG_3219vWant to capture the perfect imperfection that is your family?  We would love to do it!

Email us at: info@whitneyscottphotography for all the details.

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