This year, our daughter started high school.  It’s made me think about things I never really had to before… boys and dating, college shopping and, being a photographer, of course, senior pictures.  In our years of professional photography, we’ve photographed hundreds of seniors.  Each session has its own unique personality, just as every senior does.  As our creativity and craft has evolved, I’ve leaned more into the idea of senior portraits as not just a marker of time, but almost as a rite of passage.  How can I capture this unique moment in time – a person in transition from youth to adulthood?  How can I use these brief hours we have together and make it an experience they can reflect back on as a highlight of their senior year?   How can I wrap all this personality and beauty into something parents can hold on to, even as they’re letting go?

For your viewing pleasure, here is lovely Alex.  Her get-me-out-in-nature, fun-loving personality turned into a dream session.  She brought along her mom and “posse” of friends who made sure she was relaxed and totally herself in all the photographs.  We also got some great photo assistants out of the deal!

IMG_1751vIMG_1991IMG_1995vIMG_1920IMG_1967vWhen you have to do a quick change in the woods, having friends nearby is a big plus!IMG_1808IMG_1825IMG_1834vIMG_1976IMG_1911vIMG_1900vIMG_1753IMG_2065IMG_2086vIMG_2096IMG_2100vIMG_2113IMG_2120Want your senior to have this kind of portrait experience?  Contact us by email: or phone (417) 438.5501

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