Luz and Jesus – A light in Mexico

You know when something is so lovely you almost don’t want to share it?  You just want to keep it close in memory and savor it’s sweetness?  Maybe that’s why it’s taken me months to put these images out into the world.  This day was too wonderful.  It made me think about things that are important.  It reminded me what is not.

We took our children to Mexico this year for their first mission trip.  Part of what we offered was our photography – to capture not only the project we worked on, but also the families and people there who didn’t have the opportunity for professional photographs. Of the hundreds of images, these are my favorite.

042Meet Jesus and Luz.  They are in their 90’s and are the parents of our good friend Jair Castillo, the man who, along with his wife Norma, started the ministry we’ve loved, partnered with and watched grow for the past 20+ years.  043On the way to their home I asked Jair to tell me about his parents.  He said “Every morning they have the same breakfast, then they sit down together and read a chapter out of the bible and a commentary for discussion.”  When we arrived mama Luz began talking in a very animated, agitated way to her son and he began to snicker, turned to me and said, “She didn’t like the commentary this morning.”  I immediately adored her.

Inside the house she grabbed me by the hand and lead me proudly through to each room, turning on lights and pointing out photos.  She had much to say but not much I could decipher, although as a woman I understand the pride of family and nest – so even without translation, we were able to connect.

I keep sharing about Luz.  And that is because she was the one who talked.  And talked.  (Jesus mostly sat quietly.  I think he’s probably a wise husband.)  Her stories and the laughter that followed made me wish so much that I could speak Spanish.  My goal is to learn enough to go back next year and hear her words fresh.

044046047After the photo session Luz brought out some of her needlework to show us.  Beautiful tablecloths that must have taken hundreds of hours to hand-embroider.  Her art.  Just when I was thinking about how proud her family would be to have such heirlooms, her son said “She would like you to have one.  She wants you to choose.”

And I was a mess.

So thankful.  So humbled.045The name “Luz” in Spanish means “light”.

How perfect.  How true.


2 thoughts on “Luz and Jesus – A light in Mexico

  1. Wow! Those pictures truly showed the love they shared and brought a lump to my throat! What a memorable family trip for everyone and I’m sure Luz and Jesus will not be soon to forget it either! ❤

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