Adoption Day

This day was awesome.  My sister and her husband, who have been fostering for the past 8 months, got their day in court – and two of my new favorite little people, got a forever family.  img_8701vimg_8704vimg_8711vCenter of attention, this one?  Oh yes.  Always.img_8745vimg_8763vimg_8788vimg_8799vIt’s fitting that Sarah wore this dress today.  It was the same one she wore for her beach engagement session.  Another happy day for another reason entirely. Back then she couldn’t have imagined how different her life would be in just a few short years… or how amazing. that adoption ceremonies shouldn’t happen at nap time. 🙂img_9007img_8941This was the best moment of the day.  When I could look on Sarah’s face and see the relief. After months of uncertainty and fear we could say “they’re really yours”.  She couldn’t hug these two close enough.img_8922This picture is a miracle.  A. MIRACLE.  Both of them smiling at the same time?  At nap time?  This preciousness is crazy.img_9000img_9081img_8896img_9059cimg_9100Welcome to our crazy, loud, loving family you two.  We are so happy to have you here.

2 thoughts on “Adoption Day

  1. This made me tear up! I know Sarah will be perfect and those two kiddos have found the perfect family! I love you and your golden heart, Sarah

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