The Dixon Family – A sweet and yet dangerous session

Happy Birthday sweet Nora!IMG_0557v

I had to post this session because this family is so very special to us.  Michelle was our daughter Emma’s very first baby sitter.  Emma.  Who is going to be 13 on her next birthday.  Emma… who just surpassed Michelle in height and about a year ago surpassed me in shoe size.  This is the reason these photos slay me.  I mean, look Michelle!  It’s my baby holding your baby!  It’s just so sweet in a blubbery crying get-me-a-box-of-tissues kind of way.  IMG_0175

But back to Miss Nora, who really deserves at least one precious moment all for herself before she’s so rudely overtaken by…IMG_0584

her big brother Logan!  The most hilarious little growly Minion of a kid.  He adopted this stick (as little boys out in nature are apt to do) and it became THE activity of the day.  Walking stick.  Light saber.  Sword.  A variety of guns.  You know, just your general sharp object/weapon of choice.IMG_0620

Unfortunately, there were some attempts to remove said stick from the picture.  That wasn’t his favorite.IMG_0259

As it turns out, sessions with us seem to be fraught with dangers.  Love this action/Mama grab shot!IMG_0449

But even in the midst of the chaos, there was so, so much beauty.  As you’ll see.    IMG_0364IMG_0117  IMG_0419vIMG_0308 IMG_0241v

We love you guys!

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