Senior Session or Girls Getaway?

Ever since I’ve had a daughter myself, I recognize how special it is when a girl has her senior pictures taken.  She often comes with an entourage of family and friends, all of them heaving bags of shoes and clothing and everyone giving their opinion on which smile is fake and which is real and just how “amazing” she looks in general.  Alex came with her mom from Oklahoma City.  Just the two of them… and made it a girls weekend.  How AWESOME is that?  They stayed at the ultra-cool 21C Museum Hotel in downtown Bentonville, toured Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, ate at Tavola Trattoria (and brought us a gift certificate too… so sweet!) and browsed around the Bentonville square for the Saturday morning farmer’s market (hence, the gorgeous bouquet of flowers).  It just got me to thinking.  What if we honored this senior picture thing as a rite of passage?  What if we made it something, not just to check off our list of things “to do” before the end of the school year, but an event to enjoy?  Because after all, it is the beginning of something very special.  And the end of something very sweet.
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Thanks Alex, for sharing this time with us.  You are a delight.

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