A Maternity Session? Why?

I think these days a lot of women are shying away from maternity photography because they’re afraid of what the photographer is going to do to them!  Don’t get me wrong, I like a woman with a blossoming belly gauze-wrapped on a wind-swept beach as much as the next person… but it’s just not my personal photography style.  What DO I love?  Relationship.IMG_6179cv.jpg
I also love my photo assistant, but that’s another story…. IMG_6198.jpg
I think a maternity session is one chapter in the story of the life of a family.  It’s the chapter entitled “in between”.  The one that captures two on the verge of becoming three (or in this case… four).IMG_6216v.jpgIt’s a little bit of an ending.  A little bit of a beginning.IMG_6221.jpg

It’s an opportunity to have fun.  An opportunity to celebrate!IMG_6301.jpgAnd of course, it’s an opportunity to capture a moment like no other.

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