Jessica & Josh got married

As most of you know, we have “retired” from photographing weddings.  However, there are a few families to whom we’ve agreed that when the day came, we’d be there.  The Martins are one of those families.  We photographed Audrey & Michael’s beach wedding in Cancun in 2012, and decided then and there to let this family adopt us.  🙂  When we heard Jessica’s exciting news we knew we had to be there.  Granted, it’s not a beach wedding, but a wedding at home – in the wide open spaces of Oklahoma…  fitting for a couple who wanted to surround themselves with all the people important to their lives (which turns out to be a lot).  1020expHere’s Josh – the lucky guy who won Jessica’s heart…3002but maybe not everybody’s. 4053If you know this family, then you knew this shot was coming.  The Martin’s own Four State Trucks.  You may remember the Big Rig Calendar we’ve shot for them the last couple years (or as I like to call it “Big Boys with their Big Toys”).   So this pic was a special request for Bryan.  Not your typical father/daughter portrait, but I kind of love it!407040075008Aside from her marketing work at Four State Trucks, Jessica also does youth ministry, which explains this gaggle of crazy fun that stayed late and partied hard.  Some of these guys would have posed for pictures all night.  I kid you not.
1016exp3061exp 30251067So here’s the story.  Josh married the girl.  He did the happy dance for the girl (literally).  He took the girl away.   I think she was impressed.2072exp
3042Oh, hello there Dave!  Aren’t you cute with your little bouquet?30823079Most memorable moment of the night?  Jessica’s sister Erin RAPPING her Maid of Honor speech.  See that cute back-up dancer she’s got there?  She’s marrying him next year.  Yep.  We’ll be there for that one!
60803077Many blessings for your life together Jessica and Josh.  

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