A Visual Feast – Charleston, South Carolina

I’ve always admired people who are succinct.  Few words, but enough said.

I’d like to be that way with photographs.  You know, just post a few, but a few that really pack a punch.  I’ve realized however, that when it comes to imagery, I’m what you might call loquacious.


The visual equivalent of a “Chatty Patty”.

When it comes to blogging I feel like a Preschooler at Show and Tell.  “Look at these people!”  “Watch as I tell this story!”  “Did you realize how much beauty there is in the world?”.

I guess what I’m saying, is that I apologize in advance.  Here comes a novel.  Feel free to tune me out if you must. : )  This is Charleston.


Recently, we won the Grand prize in a photography contest sponsored by Family Fun magazine.  A full week in Charleston South Carolina!  We actually enjoyed time away with no sessions to shoot and no classes to teach.  Does this mean we didn’t get the camera out?  Not exactly. : )  We just photographed for ourselves this time.  IMG_3312So wonderful to be able to have David’s parents join us on the trip.IMG_3384e


Meet the alligator who lived in the pond behind our condo.  We named him Gus.
IMG_2601 IMG_2713


You know how you get this perfect photograph in your mind?  The kids tiptoeing sweetly into what was literally called “The Secret Garden”?  Way to tiptoe, Ben.IMG_2729v IMG_2737 We loved spending the day at Middleton Place, a beautiful old rice plantation.IMG_3061

IMG_2998cvHave you ever had one of those days, when you’re just minding your own business and somebody just HAS to keep talking to you?IMG_2818
Show off.IMG_2987IMG_2884v IMG_2936
Doesn’t this spot just make you want to sit… and have a deep, meaningful conversation?  (I mean, nobody did – but it was a nice thought).IMG_2765
I think what I liked best about Charleston was the amazing variety it offered.  History.  Beautiful architecture. Great beaches.  Delicious food. And amazing climbing trees!IMG_2615vIMG_2663oIMG_3131

IMG_3247IMG_2860eThank you to Family Fun magazine, the Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Wild Dunes Resort for a week we’ll never forget. : )

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