April Magazine Cover – Making Fashion out of Trash

Let me just say it.  This was fun.  Sometimes I can’t believe this is what I get to do for a living.

This month’s cover for Show Me Magazine started with a trip to the recycling center.  The theme was “going green”, so recycling was the perfect direction to take.  Here’s our “raw materials”.  IMG_2988.JPGWe wanted to go with a high fashion look for this shoot, but make it super creative as well, so we knew the perfect people to partner with were Brian & Dena DeMint of Eyeworks Photography.  Brian is a nationally known talent in the photography industry, but manages somehow to hide away here in Joplin.  We got right to work duct taping and spray glueing.  It felt like one of those “unconventional materials challenges” off Project Runway!  Meanwhile, Dena set to work beautifying our model Rose, who – quite frankly – would have looked gorgeous in Ponds Cold Cream and a trash bag.  IMG_2986.JPGWant to see what the inside of a creative mind looks like?  Eyeworks Studio reminds me of being four years old.  You could spend days in here making massive forts, playing dress-up or creating a fairy-tale wonderland.  You’d just have to ignore the shelves that hold axe’s and headless dolls, but that’s a tale for another day….

Our model was lit with a single 3×5 SweetLight soft box.  Simple and soft, but I love how this light really wraps around and shapes everything it touches, creating beautiful shading and dimension.IMG_2992.JPG

Working in this studio was a great reminder to me that you don’t need a lot of space to create a beautiful image!

Let the editing begin!


How we used the components:
Detail2And here are some of my final images.  After we got our cover shot, Brian also did a session.  Follow him on Facebook and keep an eye out for his interpretation!
Inside3 Cover3IMG_6148

And our choice for the cover!Cover110001255_727608657261470_1802771675_o

  Thanks to Brian, Dena and Rose for making this project so much fun.  You can pick up this magazine for free at any one of these 200 locations or view it online here

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