Art with an Iphone – St. Augustine, Florida

As photographers, we get asked a lot of camera questions.  Which is the best point and shoot I can carry with me?  What’s the best lens for portraits?  What’s the best DSLR to start out using? I’ve often heard Dave say “The best camera is the one you have in your hand”, because quality is important – yes, but more important than that is just getting the shot… capturing the moment without fretting about all the rest.

I’ve taken up the challenge lately of not taking our big mama camera when we travel.  It’s bulky for flying, and when we’re walking around experiencing a new place… it becomes a distraction.  It creates a barrier between me and the environment.  I can’t be fully present in the moment.  I was inspired last year when our friend and fellow photographer Elise Ellis had a gallery showing of strictly iPhone images.  They were artistic and amazing.  It’s also a bit of a challenge for someone who often uses five lenses during a session.  What can I do with my artistry when it is stripped down to the bare minimum?  Can I create something beautiful with so little?  So we’ve taken the iPhone challenge.  And let me say.  It’s been awesome.IMG_2552cvIMG_0890ce IMG_0900c IMG_0910ce IMG_0914cv IMG_0927ce1 IMG_0933ce
IMG_2576ceIMG_2589ceIMG_0939c IMG_0940c IMG_0942ceIMG_2568ceIMG_0991ceIMG_2612ce


Are you ready to take the iPhone challenge?  We’d love to see your results!

One thought on “Art with an Iphone – St. Augustine, Florida

  1. So why aren’t these gorgeous photos on IG for your followers to enjoy?Hint hint 😉
    I’ve really enjoyed the photo a day challenges I’ve done with my iPhone. I think they helped getting me to think out of my box and that transfers over to when I do pick up a big camera.

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