Lovely Ruth

I know you won’t believe this, but Ruth is even prettier on the inside.IMG_0499eAnd talented as well.IMG_0277vIMG_0227 A little behind-the-scenes of our location in downtown Tulsa…
and the resulting images.IMG_0247This shot reminds me of something out of an urban-cool clothing catalog.  IMG_0290IMG_0336tm Hello fashion model.IMG_0328polHow many emails and texts were exchanged to figure out the exactly-right-perfect location and clothing options for this shoot?  I’ll never tell, but man!  They were worth it. : )IMG_0416 IMG_0451 IMG_0392bIMG_0472 This picture makes me happy.  Just does.IMG_0360cIMG_0530tmLight magic!IMG_0478IMG_0565Happy Senior year Ruth!  It’s been a joy to watch you grow into such a beautiful & Godly young woman.  We know great things are in store for you!


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