A Big Giant Honkin’ Family Photo Session

Next to photographing our daughter’s entire elementary school when she was in kindergarten (from the top of a BIG ladder), this is the largest group we have ever photographed… and they’re all family!  Even more impressive?  They’re all beautifully color-coordinated!!!  AND they’re all smiling!

Fam_200-copy.jpgSo, where to shoot a family of 38?  A golf course!  Now let me say on the side that we DID have permission to be there and it WAS after closing time.  However, we were on the last hole and this final golfer was finishing up.  Do you have any idea how long it takes to pose 38 people?  Needless to say, we didn’t move, and I know this poor guy had to be wondering why he had such a good looking audience for his final hole!  And yes, of course we clapped for him!
Here’s a break-down of this adorable family:








Just to keep it real….

Fam_206v copy.jpg

These two are precious.  I adore photographing long-time love.  There’s such a relaxed sweetness there.




Interested in booking your large family group?  We have two session options that include digital files, so everybody has the photos to enjoy!  Don’t expect your very own personal golf entertainment though, this was a special occasion. ; )

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