Why I want to shoot my children….

If you’re a photographer, or even if you are just one of those people who goes everywhere with a camera within arm’s reach all the time, you know the reaction you get from your own children when it’s time to take “real” portraits.  For our two it’s somewhere between “I’m serving stewed tomatoes and onions for dinner” (which I don’t really do, because that would be gross) and “Let’s go to town and get a flu shot!”.

So we make concessions.

For our annual Christmas shoot this year Emma got to choose one of her outfits, which is the reason for the pink striped sleeves in a fall-themed shoot – and Ben got to bring our dog Lily (who Emma promptly dressed in her hot pink coat).  Just cooperate, kids.  I DON’T CARE!IMG_3067Yet I still want to shoot my own kids.  Maybe it’s because I’m a glutton for punishment – or I like to challenge myself to see just how frayed my nerves can get with a stiff smile on my face!
IMG_3092 copy But I think it’s also because another photographer could get something perfect out of my children.  They would behave for someone else.IMG_3120 And someone else wouldn’t get this sweet little look from Ben, because he’s shy at first, and would only show forced smiles or goofy faces.  He only gives sweet to his Mama.IMG_3198 copyIMG_3158cvAnd because this tween vacillates quickly between a sweet grin and an eye roll, and like it or not, these are the memories I have of this age… and I want those.
Because I’ll take silly and sweet over perfection any day.IMG_3225e Give me rowdy!  Give me rambunctious!  Give me real!Because these crazy kids?

They’re mine.
IMG_3289And I want to shoot them.IMG_3302

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