Freeman Hospital Media Campaign behind-the-scenes

It was our delight recently to work on Freeman Hospital’s media campaign. I’ve always believed that commercial work was going to be stale and not creative, but this was really a dream job. The brainchild of Freeman’s media team, Christen and Martha – the vision of capturing the feeling of the hospital was a perfect fit for us. From the marketing team to the doctors, nurses, patients and volunteers we met during the two-day shoot it could not have been a more pleasant, fun and creative environment.


As always, here at Whitney Scott Photography, we have the most handsome “stand-in’s” around to test the lighting. ; )

Not sure if he realllllly takes his job seriously or not….

Somehow David really DID sneak into the actual commercial shot!  And nope.  That’s not our son Ben (although this kiddo was pretty stinkin’ cute).


Our last shoot of the two days was Pam- a beautiful, spunky and inspiring woman.
Freeman033b copy.jpg

Blessed to do the work we do.

Click HERE to view the completed television commercial.

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