Sandy Puc Tour – Minneapolis

We were so honored to be invited to teach on the Sandy Puc Tour in Minneapolis.  We are long-time fans of Sandy’s, so when she called us personally to ask us to join her on the road, we did a happy dance and might have freaked out just the tiniest bit. : )

Our two shooting classes were focused on capturing emotion and connection in portraiture.  What made that just a little bit tricky with the models we were working with was that they had only met about an hour before the shoot!  AND, in the case of this gorgeous couple, Ferguson and Mariza – she’s married to someone else!  So, with our apologies to Mariza’s husband – I’m really liking the end results with these two…. ; )IMG_5926eKudos to the photographers who joined us for this session!  One girl had a lizard run over her foot, Dave bravely tackled this ferocious spider, and we all were smattered with chigger bites.  *Sigh*  It’s the price we pay for ART!IMG_6034IMG_6072eIMG_5974vIMG_6040Our second class took place after the sun had already gone down, so we were working with handheld LED lights.  Tricky and not something we do often, but it was a good exercise since, as a photographer, you’re often put into situations that are less than ideal and you just have to (insert Tim Gunn voice here) “Make it work!”.  Garrett and Rachel, our fabulous models (who again, didn’t know each other but at least were both single and available) certainly worked it for us.IMG_6132tmIMG_6195v In case you’re wondering what it’s like to lead the glamorous life of a model….IMG_6178e
IMG_6146eThese are a couple of my favorite from this session, taken in the landscaping right in front of the hotel.  The uplighting behind them was moody and lovely.  We provided the light behind our couple.  IMG_6291vThanks to all the photographers who came to Minneapolis to “play”;  to Ferguson, Mariza, Garrett & Rachel for being such great up-for-anything models, and of course, thanks to Sandy for letting us join her on the adventure.

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