The Wedding of Sarah & Thomas

This was the day our family had long been waiting for – the wedding of my youngest sister.  And by younger, I mean much younger.  I was 13 when Sarah was born – old enough to change her diapers and dress her up in crazy costumes for Halloween;  old enough to enjoy watching her crazy fun imagination develop and to be the “photographer” who documented her childhood.

It was only fitting then, that I should document her wedding day, but I’ll admit to being very torn.  On one hand, I wanted to be fully present as the maid of honor, but on the other hand – I’m just a tiny bit of a control freak and couldn’t stand the idea of someone else missing a shot.  Still, all the beautiful images of the bridal party and ceremony I owe completely to David – and many fun reception party shots and behind the scenes photos are thanks to Jamie Fitzgerald, who played assistant for the day.

It was a beautiful day.  I’m so thankful in the end that most of the images ended up being in focus.  It was hard to tell while shooting; I tended to get a little blurry behind the lens. : )
IMG_4816tmIMG_4453oIMG_4338A momento of Grannie, who would have been so proud of Sarah on this day.IMG_4818cIMG_4289v IMG_4368bDo the next two photos give you an idea of why we normally DON’T bring our kids with us when we photograph weddings???
IMG_4331bThe first look…IMG_4388cWhen Sarah and Thomas first started dating and I saw a photo of them together, my response was “They look like brother and sister!!!”.  Which, in retrospect, probably just means they were the perfect match.
IMG_4610IMG_4481This shot reminds me of one we did for their engagement session (of course, barefoot on the beach gave it a much different look!).IMG_4473eIMG_4547cIMG_4553
Beautiful girl.IMG_4618oSarah and her dad have had a special “best buddies” handshake since she was young.  They did it once more before they headed down the aisle – the last time as his little girl.IMG_4856vIMG_4877vIMG_4933IMG_4948IMG_4831v
IMG_4807vIMG_4662When both the bride and groom have lots of older siblings, they also have… LOTS of neices and nephews!!!  IMG_4794vc

Our little boy Ben was a very reluctant ring bearer (something about walking anywhere NEAR a girl).  He was also equally reluctant to dance with his mother.  Just so you know, he’s very loving at home when there are no cameras or people present. : )

IMG_4516bWe turned our small camera over to our daughter Emma to let her be an extra assistant.  The problem?  She’s quite the perfectionist.  When I looked through her images, there were very few, because if she took one and didn’t like it – she erased it!!!  Hmmmm… wonder who she takes after?IMG_4472bSarah planned such a fun and unique reception.  Not only was there a photobooth and a caricature artist (he was amazing!), but also a build your own s’more bar – complete with fire!  Guess where the kids spent most of the evening?IMG_4469 1IMG_4434 1

IMG_5036v I love images like these, where – even in a crowded room, it feels like there’s no one else around.IMG_5057vIMG_5142b IMG_5160 IMG_5166IMG_5183IMG_4561vIMG_4596Oh Sarah –  It seems like you should still be that little girl who made her wash cloths into puppets in the bathtub, but suddenly you’re a married lady.  May you be richly blessed with everything life has to offer.

3 thoughts on “The Wedding of Sarah & Thomas

  1. What a beautiful memory book you’ve created of words and images! It was such a special wedding for such a special loved and loving couple.

  2. Whitney, I knew the photos would be special, but these are amazing!! Sarah will have such a memory book to keep with every aspect lovingly saved.

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