Things you’ll find on my phone

I think because we’re professional photographers, people believe that all our photographs should be perfectly composed, well-lit and wonderful.  The truth is, when I get around to compiling our top 200 personal photos from the year to print every January- I’m surprised at how many of my  favorites are images taken with the phone.  They’re not typically “posed” or even great quality, but they have meaning for me.  That’s because in the little moments that often become our best memories, a big daddy camera isn’t always around or available – but it’s worth capturing all the same.

So here’s a random sampling of images grabbed off my phone.  In grouping them together, I discovered that they tend to fall into some rather unusual categories….

Like shadows and silhouettes.IMG_0745and along those same lines – our own reflection! (look for it….)
and shoes (doesn’t everybody have this category in their phone pics?)!IMG_1393

Things that fall into the category of either “bacon” or “chocolate”…Cormac_068and very importantly:  “Things I want to remember”, such as this cute Lego art by Ben, the spring flowers on my table and my favorite crock pot chicken marinade (is this recipe large enough for you to read?  Write it down!  You won’t regret it.)

IMG_7597Things to save for later.  Videos to rent. Books to purchase. A really good bottle of wine. An exhibit to visit.

I’m not entirely sure why documenting this was important, but really- it’s pretty impressive how much we can fit into our vehicle when we travel. And equally impressive is the amount of food we have to buy to restock our fridge after we’ve been gone for a week!IMG_0129

And from what I’ve been weeding through on the phone, we also really like to take photos of ourselves behind the scenes – photoshoots and teaching classes.  But hey, if you want to see how Dave holds the reflector and uses his iPhone as a light source or the way my face squishes up when I look through the viewfinder – you’re in luck!
IMG_0862One of the biggest categories of images in my phone is those I text to other people when shopping with the question of “should I buy this?” or “which one do you like?” (FYI – purse was too expensive/didn’t buy, Wonder Woman Snuggie was a definite NO, and Ben chose the guitar fabric over the owls)Cormac_072

The iPhone gets a lot of use when we travel. Photographing hotel rooms and views from hotel rooms.
IMG_8350Local, tucked away places to eat (and their corresponding- slightly scary bathrooms).IMG_0796 Friends and fun places.IMG_0046

And food.  There’s really, really a LOT of food.Cormac_067But most importantly, and overwhelmingly the most numerous category in our iPhone collection, is our children. We photograph them doing things at home…IMG_0115

and when we go out places…IMG_0170

we even take pictures of them during church!IMG_0980

Little snippets of life that remind me that this girl is definitely my daughter (we both love our lists!).Cormac_066

Sweet little moments that are unimportant, but still kind of precious.Cormac_064

and funny  memories to keep for later (yep – we fed our children “calf fries” and didn’t tell them what it was, but recorded it for when we do!)Cormac_065There’s even a whole “dog” selection on the phone for this family of animal lovers… at the humane society, our own pup Lily in at her most relaxed, and the kids’ good buddy “Gracie” who hangs out at the Rangeline Antique Mall (they play – I shop!).Cormac_071

Can’t resist the sleeping pics.Cormac_063

and the fun times with friends!

IMG_0113It’s illuminating, flipping through the phone’s camera roll.  It’s more real than it used to be when we had to narrow down our photograph choices to the 12 or 24 images we could fit onto a roll of film – and I like that!  I like the imperfection of my children dancing themselves into a blur.  I like handing the phone over to them and getting it back half an hour later with images of their face in 15 varieties of emotion and rows of Care Bears fighting against a group of Lego Stormtroopers.  I like knowing that the little memories are accessible to me, and I don’t have to think about whether the kids slurping noodles at a restaurant is “photo worthy” (we take the picture first, then have the discussion about appropriate manners).

I’ve come to believe that you can tell everything you need to know about a person by looking at 3 things:  their purse/wallet, their checkbook and the images on their phone.  Because then you know.  What do they keep close?  Where do they spend their resources? What do they value enough to document and keep?

Wishing you a week of time well-spent, memories made and photographs taken. : )

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