A Lotta Love in Little Rock

Little Rock is a place to love.  Every time we travel there I’m amazed at the way the city, though so large, seems intimate and cozy.  With many hills and areas of preserve with towering trees, you never see much of the sprawl at one time.  Around every curve is a surprise.  Over every hill a new vista to explore.  On our visit 6 months ago I left with the image of a small family huddled under the high evergreen trees, so I’ve been patiently waiting to take this photo.  I think it was worth the wait. : )2013-06-20_008 Cormac, at 6 months – has the cutest little bubble bottom.  Which is why he’s still a bit wobbly at sitting up. : )  Always a safety girl with the babies, you can see just how close mom and dad really are for these types of shots!!!2013-06-20_009 2013-06-20_010 2013-06-20_011 Hello precious.2013-06-20_0132013-06-20_0142013-06-20_015This picture is just screaming for a thought bubble.  Hey, that’s an idea!  Wait for it on Facebook folks!2013-06-20_012

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