A Dash of Spring

Isn’t this location beautiful?


Of course it’s not beautiful!!!  But then, that’s typically half our challenge as photographers… taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary.  In this case, it was taking this bleak field beside our house in March and making it feel like Springtime!  So thankful that we have clients who trust us for the final result. : )2013-03-27_011
2013-03-27_010 Darling Dash.  Most parents would think “we’ve got to take those fingers out of his mouth!”, but I LOVE these kinds of photos.  He’ll only suck on those fingers in that way for a short time, and you’ll forget how sweet it was.  These are the things parents want to remember.2013-03-27_012 2013-03-27_013 So here’s my question:  if we use Emma’s American Girl doll as a light model, does she qualify as a tax write-off??? ; )2013-03-27_018 2013-03-27_017 2013-03-27_016 2013-03-27_015 Love these yummy yellows!!!2013-03-27_014


One thought on “A Dash of Spring

  1. Precious, creative pictures of a precious baby…. I too love the little fingers in his mouth……and so funny about the American girl doll! I am so proud of you! Love, Mom😘

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