Itty Bitty Baby Jude

Introducing baby Jude.  He’s another one of our wedding babies!  It’s funny how, when we photograph a couple’s wedding, I kind of feel like I should take a little credit when they have a baby (although really – I do understand how weird that is).  If you want to walk down memory lane, here’s a peek at Lauren’s bridal session and Lauren & Daniel’s wedding day.2013-03-27_026 2013-03-27_025 After Lauren and Daniel’s wedding, they started referring their friends to us for baby pictures.  I think by the time we’d photographed the fourth friend in her circle, she was starting to get impatient to get her OWN baby pictures on the wall!  SO yay Lauren!!!  So excited to share this time with you guys.2013-03-27_024 2013-03-27_023 2013-03-27_022 2013-03-27_021 Baby Jude has such a cute room!  Love how this pic shows off not only his neat space, but also how TINY he is!2013-03-27_020 2013-03-27_019Congratulations Daniel & Lauren.  Life is good.

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