Yippee! Top 10!!!

Just wanted to share our excitement in being awarded a Top 10 spot among the Professional Photographers of Missouri.  Number 8, to be exact.  There is some truly amazing talent among our friends and colleagues, so we feel honored to be part of this group.  Below are the images we chose to enter in the print competition this year:


A big thank you to the phenomenal artist Lowell Davis, for allowing me to use his image in competition.  This portrait was actually a snapshot I grabbed quickly while we were shooting a client session on his property.  He was driving his tractor wearing this awesome hat.  Like a crazy person, I chased him down and asked if I could take his picture.  And… like the artist he is, he pulled out his corncob pipe and said “sure”.  I hope I can grow up to be as cool as this guy!2013-04-11_001And handsome Hudson – from his senior session at the loft.2013-04-11_004What I love most about this next image is that it was completely unposed.  This is from Jacob and Kelsie’s wedding last year in Baton Rouge.  Jacob’s grandfather was waiting to walk down the aisle and was thoughtfully watching events unfolding out on the lawn of the plantation.  He wasn’t always so serious though.  I have some great images of him later that afternoon cutting a rug on the dance floor at the reception!!!2013-04-11_005Sweet baby Logan and his parents, who are our dear friends.  This photo needs no explanation, which is one reason why I love it so much.2013-04-11_002This image of Leah actually won a separate wedding award as well.  I love that I didn’t set up this shot.  She was pinning up a few loose hairs and I just loved the lines of her figure and dress, so I dashed over to crack open the door beside her to create the beautiful, soft light.  Leah and Jeff are also the infamous couple in our waterfall and paint post-wedding session. : )2013-04-11_006

A big thank you to our clients, who give us such creative freedom in our work with them, and allow us to do what we love every day.  And also a thank you to our creative colleagues, who force us to be so stinkin’ competitive. ; )

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