Why we take our kids to tattoo parlors….

Those who follow us on facebook might have been a little surprised last month when we posted a photo of us taking our kids to a tattoo parlor.  Was it some kind of wacked out homeschool experiment? (no, although they did do a little work on the couch while there)  A chance to brand them for life? (tempting, but no).  Just another cover pic for Show Me Magazine, and a weird opportunity for family time.2013-03-29_003It is handy to have the kids around to help us test lighting!2013-03-29_002The cover story was about volunteerism, featuring BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse).  Loved our awesome model “Shamu” (even though his wife gave him a really hard time about being a cover model!).2013-03-29_001Oh, and while we were there….2013-03-29_004 Oh Ben… this picture just proves that you’re realllllllly not a tough guy.  Just Mama’s sweet boy.2013-03-29_005Thanks Show Me Magazine, for giving us the freedom to play with another fun idea for this month’s cover!  And to Blacklist Ink, for the use of their space.  If we got tattoos, we would get all of them there. : )


2 thoughts on “Why we take our kids to tattoo parlors….

  1. As a homeschool mom I always appreciate weird opportunities for family time. Great job as always!!

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