A Very Long Story with a Very Happy Ending

I’m absolutely convinced that it is much easier to take great photographs of people you know and love (which is why we seek out the most awesome clients… and try our best to KEEP them!!!).  Michelle and Joe (and now, baby Logan) are a perfect example.  Michelle has been a dear friend since her single days, when she was our wonderful dog-sitter, who turned into our fabulous babysitter, who used to wear her hair short and blonde and lament her lack of a man.  Enter Joe, and her longer, darker hair… both of which are a vast improvement. : )  Michelle and Joe are such a perfect match in fact, that they have earned their one-word married name “Jochelle”.   We were blessed to hold dual roles in their wedding (photographer and Dave officiant) and have been inspired by the strength of both their love and their faith through the loss of their home to the Joplin tornado two weeks after their wedding, and then their journey with baby Logan’s heart surgery when he was just a few months old.  Through it all they remain the wonderful, joyful people they have always been.  I don’t know if we can capture any of that in a photograph, but it has been our honor to try.

2013-03-08_0072013-03-08_0082013-03-08_016 2013-03-08_015 2013-03-08_0122013-03-08_0132013-03-08_0112013-03-08_0142013-03-08_0092013-03-08_010


Okay Jochelle – I’m making a change today and giving your family a new name.  It’s now “JoLoChelle”.  We can’t leave out the one who is the sweetest and the best.  We love you guys!

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