Why we should always stay BEHIND the camera….

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback we’ve gotten on the new promo pic we’re using as a banner on our facebook page.  Here’s a few outtakes for your viewing enjoyment (after all, it’s not every day that Dave shows off his nightly beauty routine).2013-03-08_001
As usual, the youngest members of our crew are around to give their advice on the shoot (and Emma shot some… interesting behind the scenes videos).2013-03-08_004I’m not sure what was happening here, but it was clearly quite dramatic.2013-03-08_003Poor Mark.  He’s just trying to take our picture, and we’re so easily distracted….2013-03-08_002and at our age, wear out easily.2013-03-08_006

Thanks to our amazingly talented friend Mark Neuenschwander of 9art Photography (also the photog. behind our recent Black River Imaging magazine ad), for capturing us at our… most real.  We’ve got an amazing kitchen photo to reveal soon!

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