Five Inches of Snow – Two Kids – Four Lenses

As a photographer, I feel a certain amount of pressure when there’s a beautiful snowfall like the one we had yesterday. If I don’t do a session, it feels like a failure… a missed opportunity! So we just grab whoever is closest and go for it. Unfortunately for them, it’s usually our two kids. While we were at it I thought I’d make it a little educational and show you some various lenses we used and the different effects they each give. If you’re not a photography geek like us, scroll on down and enjoy the pictures! We won’t hold it against you.

2013-02-27_010These first two images were shot with the Canon L series 24-70 f2.8. This is a great all purpose lens that I typically start out a session with on my camera. It allows me to go wide, which I wanted with this first series of shots to show the trees in the background, but still allows me to have the soft focus when shot wide open at 2.8, yet I can still zoom to 70 for a nice portrait.2013-02-27_009These next two were shot with the Sigma 15mm fisheye f2.8. I will typically pull this out once or twice during a session to get a super-wide landscape photo (your subjects need to be close to center to avoid distortion), or pull my subjects in closer to get a funky exaggerated look. 2013-02-27_004The next lens is the favorite of most pro photographers – the Canon L series 70-200 (mine is f4, but most photogs love the f2.8 – I’ve tried both and just couldn’t handle the weight of the 2.8 – I really don’t need the muscles : ) I love the background separation and compression this lens gives, particularly when you are zooming closer to 200. The thing I don’t like as a photographer is the distance I have to be away from my subjects! So much of what we like to do is about interaction and it’s hard to do that when you’re yelling at them from 20 feet away.2013-02-27_0032013-02-27_0082013-02-27_002Look at the beautiful creaminess of this background! Even at f4 I’m seeing it not only in the background, but also on these branches in the foreground. This is my favorite photo of Emma from the session. Totally unposed. Just joyful and sweet.2013-02-27_005
The newest lens in our arsenal is the Lensbaby composer pro. This has the f4 insert. This is a tricky lens to learn to use since you’re manually focusing and at f4 that “sweet spot” is relatively small. However, I’m LOVING the artistic, unpredictable images that I come away with when using this. It reminds me of experiments I’ve done using ziplock baggies, vaseline etc. over the lens. These were edited in post-production with an action to give them this vintage quality.2013-02-27_0062013-02-27_007My favorite of Ben from the session. Sweet crazy boy.2013-02-27_001

If you’re considering upgrading to some new lenses I highly recommend trying them out first! We’ve used several times to test out certain ones before taking the plunge and have found it so worth the time and investment.

Was this entire post greek to you? If you’re new to photography and interested in learning basic camera skills, our second installment of “The Clique” class is coming back April 13th! See the info sheet on our facebook page and contact us today.

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