Hello Baby Deere

Hello sweet baby Deere (love that mom collects deer figurines and makes their last name part of their home decor!).

We’ve been waiting to photograph you!

We’ve had a long photographic relationship with Sharon & Stewart.  From their beautiful Arkansas wedding, to yearly sessions celebrating their life together to the amazing maternity session I never even got around to posting!!! – we’ve loved partnering with them to create sweet, fun and artistic images.  The addition of baby Cormac is going to make every year even better.2013-02-11_0082013-02-11_0032013-02-11_006Before Cormac, these guys were the “babies” of the house!2013-02-11_007Let me say… this just DOESN’T happen.  Ever.  I don’t know how we got this picture.  I don’t know why no one was moving or crying or barking or licking.  This just happened. Kind of amazed.  Taking no credit.2013-02-11_0052013-02-11_009I absolutely love the feeling of these next two pictures.  There’s such an ethereal quality to them, so real – so sweet.2013-02-11_0042013-02-11_001Welcome to the world, sweet baby Cormac.  We can’t wait to see you again in a few months to do it all over again!

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