Sweet Sweet Baby

Here’s where our job gets amazing.  Watching families grow.  Sharing the meaningful moments of life.

Not so long ago we were photographing (dad) Landon with his parents on the front porch of their log home.  Then we were meeting his beautiful wife-to-be for their engagement session.  Then their wedding.  And now?  We welcome sweet baby Peyton.

It just keeps getting better and better.
2013-02-04_0072013-02-04_010 The perfect “Nana” pic.  Love this so much.2013-02-04_0082013-02-04_006 Yep.  All that hair is 100% real.  Absolutely amazing.

2013-02-04_005 2013-02-04_0012013-02-04_004I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I just push these “models” beyond their limits.  But really, there’s no reason to give me that gesture!

Congratulations to the sweet Taylor family.  We love you guys!

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