The Wedding of Kelsey & Paul

Welcome to the wedding of Kelsey & Paul.  It was laid-back, sweet, dressed-up but not fussy, and full of fun.  Kind of like the two of them.BG_732PreC_100s PreC_102v
The picture is always more interesting when you know the back story – like this one, where the bride is getting ready to put on her wedding dress, but is on the phone with her dad, helping him hunt for the groom’s wedding ring which she forgot at home (and yes, he found it)!PreC_106 Ever wonder what it looks like from the bride’s perspective?PreC_115vb
PreC_126 PreC_129

PreC_137vb PreC_143vb
PreC_150vb The first look….BG_701vbBG_704BG_712BG_713vbBG_714vbCer_203BG_734tmBG_737vbThis was the first time I’d ever seen a wedding with the mom as the maid of honor.  Kelsey and Shelly are really just that close.  I could have taken a hundred pictures of them giddy with laughter together on this exciting day.  I love this image.  You get the feeling that this is what Randy deals with every day. : )Cer_211vCer_224vbCer_231vWhen a wedding ceremony starts out with “Mawwage… is what bwings us heaw today”… you know it’s going to be good.Cer_235Cer_245v
Despite all evidence to the contrary, the wedding ceremony was NOT boring!Cer_250vbCer_264Cer_265cv
Cer_273vBG_727BG_724Fancy mashed potato bar = awesome!Rec_311Rec_308vb


This is how the real professionals do it!Rec_406Rec_369vb




And how did the bride and groom meet?  Kelsey’s mom and Paul were dance partners in “Dancing with the Joplin Stars” (and yes, they won!).  So yep, another first.  A mother/son-in-law dance to – you guessed it – Thriller!Rec_407Rec_380v

Rec_448Rec_419What do you expect when you marry a gymnast?Rec_443vbRec_415



Many blessings on your marriage Paul & Kelsey.  The two of you are an easy-going, full-of-fun, perfect fit.

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