The Wedding of Anna and Lonnie

It was our honor this past weekend to photograph the wedding of Anna and Lonnie in central Texas.  A beautiful bride – a dashing groom – sweet families and fun bridal party… it couldn’t have been a more perfect day!2013-01-09_001 2013-01-09_002 2013-01-09_003 2013-01-09_004 2013-01-09_005 2013-01-09_006 2013-01-09_007 Anna was such a classic, elegant bride.  Absolutely gorgeous!2013-01-09_008 2013-01-09_009 2013-01-09_010 2013-01-09_011 2013-01-09_012
2013-01-09_0132013-01-09_0142013-01-09_015Agh!!!  Love this shot!The girls channeling their inner “Bridesmaids”….2013-01-09_0162013-01-09_0342013-01-09_017 Ah yes.  There’s that wide Texas sky.  I adore this portrait!2013-01-09_018

Anna and Lonnie’s first dance song was “She’s Like Texas”.  It made mention of so many places in Texas that are important to them.  Such a cute song too!

She’s as free as blue bonnets in the summer.
She’s as hot as the Padre Island sun.
Most of the time she’s as warm and friendly
like the hills that surround Austin.

Her eyes are green like the trees in Nacogdoches.
Her teeth are white as cotton in the fall.
And when she laughs you’ll always take notice
’cause her heart’s charm will shine right through it all2013-01-09_019 2013-01-09_020 The reception at the old Santa Fe Railroad Depot was perfection!2013-01-09_0212013-01-09_0222013-01-09_023There was more than one father/daughter and mother/son dance going on at this reception, and I think they’re both so precious!2013-01-09_0242013-01-09_0252013-01-09_0352013-01-09_0262013-01-09_036
I’m a firm believer that the bride is not the only beautiful woman at a wedding.2013-01-09_029Anna and Lonnie actually left the wedding from the depot and got directly on the train to Austin.  Such a great send-off!  Oh, and they looked super-cute doing it too. ; )2013-01-09_0302013-01-09_0282013-01-09_031 2013-01-09_032Many blessings to the two of you.  May your marriage be as beautiful as your wedding day.


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