Photographing Photographers

We are blessed to count among our dearest friends some amazing photographers, some local, some across the country with whom our primary form of contact is facebook.  And let me say this.  They are a GOOD LOOKING bunch!  At least I think so, because EVERY photographers facebook profile picture looks amazing! ; )  Photoshop is a gift.  I won’t deny it.

Not long ago a group of local photographers got together and, in random conversation decided to do a little project – to photograph each other!  So after drawing names out of a hat, we had our assignments.  Altogether about 10 of us participated, but here are just a few I wanted to share!

I had the privilege of photographing a fantastic Joplin area photographer:

Angela Spieker of Artistic Expressions Photography

Angela, in turn, photographed the hipster himself:  Mark Neuenschwander of 9art Photography.  For those of you who have seen the BRI ad featuring us, this is the guy who was behind the camera for that little project!  Angela captured Mark’s quirky personality perfectly!

Mark then, photographed Brian Demint of Eyeworks Photography  Brian is the Rock Star photographer of our group.  If you run into him in town, definitely ask for his autograph (he’ll try to charge you, but don’t pay him more than $1. It will go to his head ; ).

And Brian photographed me.  Out of my comfort zone.  In pixie/fairy mode.  Reminds me of the theme of my dorm room in college, which we called “La Fleur Vomir”  (or rather, “Flower Vomit”).  Fun times.


In a very competitive field, we’re so fortunate to have friends and colleagues who challenge us to make our art better, encourage us to value what we do, and make fun of us if we get too full of ourselves!  Love you guys!

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