Inspiration and Experience

I’m going to be a bit of a fan-girl today and say that in the photographic industry I’ve got some favorites.  There are couples who work together whose work and marriages I admire (because we know working with your spouse is both a blessing and a challenge!).  Bobbi and Mike and Jeff and Erin Youngren are awesome.  Both of whom we met (attacked/stalked at a distance) last year at WPPI in Vegas.  They did not disappoint; they’re just as fun and delightful as they come across on their blogs.  My “if I had my wedding to do over again” photographer is Marcus Bell – for his amazing emotional images (and frankly, I could just listen to his Australian accent all day long).  I was in one of his platform classes at WPPI a couple years ago and he showed a video that had me crying like a baby (and it’s not just that I’m an overly sensitive person.  There were two MEN near me crying too.  He’s just that good.)  My dream “make me feel lovely at any age” photographer is Sue Bryce (another Aussie).  Check out the before and after shots on her site.  SHE knows how to pose women and get beautiful, natural expressions.  For business sense and just because she could be my BFF it’s Tamara Lackey.  And for pure image inspiration I’m jaw-on-the-floor for One Love Photo and Three Nails Photography.

That having been said, where fashion photography is concerned I’m blown away by the artistry of Eyeworks Photography.  Brian and Dena Demint are an amazing team whose creative, over-the-top inspiring work is far more suited to Hollywood or New York.  Unbelievably, they are local to Joplin.  My admiration of them isn’t just in the final product either, but also in the fact that they are the most kind and humble people.  They are constantly teaching and mentoring other photographers without the rock star attitude that they could easily have with all their success.  I’ve also been consistently impressed with the relationship they have with their models – Brian making fun of them in ways that make a pretty girl feel comfortable – very protective of them in an industry that can be unsafe.

It was my honor recently to participate in a project with some other photographers (more on that later) that involved putting myself in the model seat for Mr. Demint.  If you’ve seen Brian’s work, you’ll understand why I was more than a little nervous… ; )

Here’s the make-upless before shot.  And yes, all these behind-the-scenes pictures were taken by me with the fisheye lens – mainly because I love shooting photos directly up my nose.
Let the Dena magic begin!  Believe it or not, this is the FIRST time I had ever worn false eyelashes!  I could never survive as a Kardashian.Clothing choices!  Obviously Dena likes the flowers.I can’t remember if Brian was considering accessory options or if I was just talking way too much….Yes folks.  This is where the magic happens.  This place has more flowers than a funeral home, plus plenty of duct tape, various weapons and I think I also saw a decapitated doll.  I just tried to keep smiling.The final image.  Amazing.Thank you to Brian and Dena for being a constant source of inspiration and for giving me an experience I will never forget.

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