Leah and Jeff Trash the Dress – Part 2

And here we go with Part Two of Leah and Jeff’s awesome Trash the Dress session!  As you can see, it started out tame enough….To be honest, this was a totally unfair exercise.  Jeff has quite a background as a muralist and Leah?  Well, she’s realllllly pretty. ; )Yep.  This is the beginning of things getting out of hand….Now that’s what I call a bridal portrait!And yes, while this really was Leah’s wedding gown, it was washable paint that came out with cleaning afterwards.  Jeff’s outfit?  Goodwill special!Could you guys be any cuter together?And the big question was – what do you do with all these fun images?  We could have done an album, but Jeff and Leah are wall portrait people, so we made this AWESOME 30×30 metal collage.  I love it!

This session was such a blast.  We’re ready for another daring bride and groom (or really, anyone who wants to do something a little crazy – family art session maybe?) : )

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