The Sweet Skaggs family

I’ve been so excited to share these images from one of our travel sessions down in beautiful Arkansas.  This creek is one of the most stunning locations we’ve ever used.  Add that to the fact that these kiddos were   INCREDIBLY and UNUSUALLY well-behaved (even when two of them fell on their rear-ends in the water at some point in the session), and well, I’ve got a lot of new favorite portraits!  This first one the family chose as a canvas for their wall.  I love how it tells so much about the family even though you can’t see their faces.
Here are those faces!  These sweet folks are friends of ours – our kids went to preschool together, and Meg was the education coordinator for Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin (she is also a talented fine art photographer herself, so we were super flattered when she asked us to photograph her family!).  Last year the Skaggs lost their home in the Joplin tornado, and have started over again in Arkansas.  They are absolutely inspiring.Sweet girl.If these boys lived at my house they would never get in trouble.  Ever.  And they would get candy.  Anytime they wanted.I always think it’s hilarious to try to do romantic couple shots while the kids are hanging around.  In this case, we put Robbie to work (a little too close, buddy!).Now we’re gettin’ real!This series makes me melt.  Love it!We printed this portrait of the kids on metal.  Looks AMAZING!
And up from the creek into the field at sunset.  Ahhhh – just makes me happy.  Thanks you guys.  I love my job.

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