Leah and Jeff got married….

Jeff and Leah.

How can I describe them?  Well, they’re the sweetest couple… and a little crazy.  They’re funny… and smart, but still very romantic and… well, just see for yourself.  Happy wedding you crazy lovebirds. : )THIS is going on somebody’s wall!  If I have to put it in my bathroom I swear it will be on a wall somewhere!This one kills me.  Such a precious moment.For photographers who wonder why selective focus is so important… THIS series is why.100% not posed.  When you hang around people in love long enough, this great stuff just happens. : )Just proves that you’re never too old to be spit-shined by your mama!
And yes.  If you’re thinking “hmmmmm that looks like the THRILLER dance!” – you would be right.As it turns out, Leah comes by her goofiness naturally.  Introducing my new favorite “parents of the bride” picture!Recognize these wax lips from Jeff and Leah’s engagement session?  They surprised us all coming out the door with them on.  I’m lucky this picture wasn’t shaky from me laughing so much!Congratulations you two!  May your life together be as sweet, wild, fun and unexpected as your wedding day!

2 thoughts on “Leah and Jeff got married….

  1. Totally put that pic on a wall, any wall! Love it, too! And that pic with the dad and HIS pic with his mom totally made me cry — they are all a family that love each other. So very precious. Their marriage already has a strong foundation.

  2. What lovely pictures…this partnership/marriage will go a long way because of the sense of humor you two already have! LOVED the pictures…thanks for sharing!! May your lives be richly blessed, may those you share your life with feel your love and warmth. Live, Love, Laugh…often! heart2heart Bobbi

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