Jennifer & Brent’s Beach Wedding

You know that dream you have sometimes of being on this beautiful beach on a warm, bright day – sand and saltwater under your feet, running along the edge of the world with someone you love?  Well, some people actually get to live that dream….  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s start at the beginning…
Yes, it actually did rain all day on this beach wedding, but that didn’t stop Jennifer & Brent from making the day memorable.  The bright umbrellas made the ceremony so beautiful and colorful, and added an intimacy to the moment.
Jen & Brent were troopers and did an early morning beach session with us the Monday after the wedding.  It was wonderful to have the beach all to ourselves.  I absolutely LOVE how these images turned out!
Favorite!!!  Captures the personality of these adventure-seekers (you should see what they did for their engagement session!)Congratulations to two of our favorite people!  We have loved capturing this blessed part of your life.  Check back here for the link to the complete wedding in a couple weeks!

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