Kelsie & Jacob Engagement – Baton Rouge

Kelsie and Jacob are getting married tomorrow!!!  We are so excited to be in Baton Rouge getting ready for their special day.  Wanted to share these images from their stunning engagement session taken in January on campus at LSU and downtown Baton Rouge on the levee.  Such a fun/sweet couple….The trees in this area are gorgeous!  Their limbs drop all the way to the ground, making these secret little spots – perfect for snuggling under.  As you can see, sometimes it’s work to get a great shot like this.  Thank goodness we had Kelsie’s mom Dana nearby to be our rogue branch holder!
Love this one!  Amazingly enough, this was NOT a set up shot!  We were just minding our own business taking sweet archway shots when these students came walking through on their way to class.  And Voila!  Photo magic!Sunlight perfection.  Kelsie and Jacob used this image on the front of their wedding invitation.  Stunning!Love on the levee.  That sounds so corny that writing it hurt my fingers.  I’m such a nerd.  This photo reminds me of the movie “Love Story”.  Has that 70’s romance feeling.

Congratulations Kelsie & Jacob!  We can’t wait to be part of your special day (stay-tuned for upcoming wedding day images right here!).

One thought on “Kelsie & Jacob Engagement – Baton Rouge

  1. The photos are great. You guys really are good and looks like you make this fun. Have known Dana since she was a teen babysitting my children. Hard to believe that Kelsie is getting married. Praying for a wonderful day tomorrow and a happy marriage that lasts forever. Cannot wait to see the photos. Thanks for sharing them.

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