The Layover

It’s time for our Spring Road Trip!!!  We’re heading out this week for a fun-filled photography jaunt through Arkansas, Mississippi, a sliver of Alabama, the teeniest corner of Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.  If you’re interested in catching us for a session somewhere along the way, it’s not too late!


In the spirit of all this traveling, wanted to share this for those of you who missed it LIVE on facebook a couple months ago.  On our way to Baton Rouge for the Imaging USA convention, we faced a 6 HOUR LAYOVER at DFW.  So, rather than sit over in the corner with our faces in the laptop, we decided to share some fun times with our facebook fans, who made recommendations of things we should do in the airport.  Here is a sampling for you….So happy that someone suggested a romantic dinner, even if it was at TGI Fridays!And THIS is the one I’ve heard most about from people who saw it online.  Planking.  Ouch!Dave’s run-in with a security camera….Pranks anyone?Computer work?  In the bathroom? All the rest of the leftover time was spent smooching.  Just because.

No airplanes for this trip, although we would be happy to take suggestions for how to spend two weeks together with LOTS of car time… ; )

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