PhotoSpiva Kids 2012

Before you start looking over the amazing photos in this blog post, you should know one thing:  they weren’t taken by us!!!  What may surprise you even more is when you learn who did….This is just a sampling of some favorite images from the 2012 PhotoSpiva Kids exhibit at Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin.  Unbelievably, all the artwork is photography by 4-8 year-olds taken with disposable film cameras!  It was such an honor to be a juror for this exhibit.  The artwork absolutely BLEW us away!  The perspective of children is so amazingly fresh and unfiltered.  The image below was my juror’s pick for the exhibit.  It just personifies childhood – looking out the screen door at a waiting dog, the toys strewn around.  I love photographs that evoke emotion, and something about this photo is so expectant – like in just a few minutes someone is going to be laughing.  Or maybe it’s just me. : )The opening night for the exhibit was so neat for the “artists”.  This girl was so excited she just couldn’t stop jumping!Getting ready to hand out awards.  Dave took about ten photos of me making my little speech to the kids, and I had to throw most of them out.  I CANNOT believe how many crazy-weird faces I make when I talk.  Super-embarassing.  So glad I have photo control!!!

The PhotoSpiva Kids exhibit runs through March 31st in the Upstairs Gallery.  Artwork is available for purchase (and the “artists” actually receive royalty checks).  Go support a kid’s lego fund today. : )

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