The Dillard Family

I’m so over the idea of perfection.  I used to think that to be a really great photographer I had to pose everybody in a certain way, light them without shadow and get the ideal catch light in their eye.  But what I realized over time (and as I gained confidence in myself and my craft), was that it wasn’t usually the “perfect” photos that people fell in love with.  It often took so long to attain that level of perfection, that I lost the feeling of the moment.  It was the spontaneous images that people fell head over heels for – it was the moments in between the poses that captured the reality of their relationships and their personality.  The Dillards are a perfect example of just that.  Enjoy this little peek into the life, and love, of this sweet family.


3 thoughts on “The Dillard Family

  1. These look great…. I am just a hobby photographer, considering making this a part time job. Loved reading your intro to this post, that you used to spent so much time on perfection when most people actually prefer the ‘fun’ photos. Great pictures. The creek looks like a lot of fun!

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