Long-lasting Love

Do you remember those scenes in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”?  Where the old couples are sitting on the couch, talking about their relationships – finishing each others’ sentences?  There is something about that I’ve always loved, and I’ve always wanted to do a series of photographs of couples – especially those with lasting love – in black & white on couches.  And THANKS to Show Me magazine, I got to make that long-time dream a reality this month for the Valentines issue.

Here’s Jerry and Linda.  If they look familiar it’s because their son owns the local Chick fil A and they always seem to be there adding a wonderful atmosphere to the place.  As I sit here trying to find words to describe them the only one that comes to me is kind.  They absolutely exude kindness. Our children love going to Chick fil A to see “Ms Linda”.  I swear, they would choose her over the playground.Pedro and Alice were an absolute HOOT to photograph!  It is obvious that the secret to their long-lasting love is a sense of humor.  They’ve played a game throughout their marriage of plotting all the different ways they could kill each other and not get caught.  Many of which they shared with me (watch out Dave!).  Gary and Willadeen had such a sweetness about them.  They could have come straight out of a Garrison Keillor story.  Gentle people.And Martha.  Proof that true love stories never end.Martha still keeps, in her purse, the tickets from the dance hall on the night she met her husband.  He was buried with his in his pocket.Meeting and photographing these wonderful folks was such a blessing!  Here are some behind-the-scenes photos to give you some idea of the chaos.  As David says, I really know how to take the glamour out of a photo shoot!  We were set up by the window in Slumberland.  They were nice enough to let us shuffle things around and even helped us move couches across the store!

Read the full stories of these amazing couples by Jamie Emery in the February issue of Show Me magazine!

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