Extreme Home Makeover Joplin

Never have I felt so proud to be part of a community.

The months since the tornado hit Joplin have been a strange mix of struggles and triumphs.  This city has been weary, but it has never been weak.   Joplin has been in pain, but never overcome by it.  When I first documented the aftermath of the tornado on the blog, it was a way of reaching out for support… and it came.  It came in vanloads of people wielding chainsaws, in truckload after semi-truckload of bottled water and laundry detergent and building supplies.  It came in the form of thousands upon thousands of prayers lifted up for this community throughout the country.  And more recently it came in the form of a television show.  We were blessed to be among the thousands and thousands of volunteers who joined together to bring homes to seven families, to renew the spirit of hope in Joplin, and to share the resilience of this community.
This security guard was so sweet.  First he tried to get out of my picture (not realizing it was HIM I was trying to photograph), then he gave me a hug.  Love those not-so-tough tough guys.This little kewpie doll of a girl was the daughter of one of the builders.  She was so adorable I could not stop taking her picture!I just missed the shot, but I think this producer actually spit-shined Ty’s hair….The crowd went wild when Ty was around…and he had some serious fans!!!I KNOW!These guys worked on… you guessed it!  The PINK house. : )Ever wonder what’s back behind there when they “Move that bus!”?  Paparazzi everywhere! ; )Getting ready to “Move that Bus!”… seven times!The Gonzalez family.I loved that even the show’s producers got emotional during the reveal.  The Nguyen familyThe Cogdill family
The Howard familyThe Whitely familyHello handsome!It was surprising to see how slow everything actually moves.  There was lots of downtime.Self-portrait behind the bus.  See it?The Walters familyThe Nevins familyThis reminds me of when Ben brings his G.I. Joe’s in to play with Emma’s Polly Pockets…. The excitement was really just too much for some people.The dangers of photography on the set.

Thank you Extreme Home Makeover, for bringing joy to Joplin.  Many volunteers who gave of their time had their own heartaches from that day in May.  You gave us a place to be of help, and that is how we heal.

The Joplin episode airs this Friday night the 13th.

11 thoughts on “Extreme Home Makeover Joplin

  1. My goodness, your photos are breathtaking. But then, I already knew that. Excellent, excellent work, Whitney and David. So honored to have met you!
    – Kim

  2. Love these, Whitney! It was also nice to meet you and your hubby in person that week 🙂 I miss that week so much and looking forward to seeing how the show put it all together this Friday night! Thank you EHME, Millstone Custom Homes, volunteers and everyone who had their hand in this amazing project! Joplin loves you 🙂

    Francene Woods Johnson (Joplin)

  3. Awesome photos. My nephew and neice came there too to help with family photos. The Fantasma’s. These are beautiful and great captured moments.

  4. These photos are so amazing!!! Did you happen to get one of the volunteer board with the US and the heart in the middle with the colorful strings that represented people from all over coming to help?

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