Experiencing New York City

There are several pictures I consider quintessential New York.  One is the Statue of Liberty.  Another is Times Square.  And then there’s this one.  Grand Central Station.  What this photo really needs is to be centered around a bride or a romantic couple kissing.  Instead?  You get Dave.  Of course I still like it. : )This trip gave me a brand spankin’ new appreciation of iphones – or rather, the iphone camera.  Some of my favorite images from the trip were taken not with our professional Canon 5D, but with Dave’s tiny phone.  This one’s in Brooklyn out our hotel room window.
Found this little gem of a “Stewart Little” house over in Brooklyn Heights.  Don’t you just want to go knock on the door and find out what kind of person lives there?  My bet is an older single lady.  Definitely doilies on the backs of the chairs.  And she would most certainly invite us in for some delicious beverage.Here’s a really good thing we discovered in New York.  Street food!This little Mexican spot under the Brooklyn Bridge was our favorite!
Here is a bad thing we discovered in New York.  The subway at rush hour.  What were we thinking?  But really, when part of your job is documenting life, it’s less annoying when these things happen because you know someone will eventually enjoy your misery.  I was wedged in the corner, out of speaking distance from Dave, mouthing “GET A PICTURE”. My favorite part of the trip was checking “See a Broadway Show”  off my bucket list.  It was amazing!  And, for someone who grits her teeth at paying $10 for a movie theater ticket, quite a treat. : )
Another thrill going to Anthropologie  at their New York City location.  Creativity overload!  Look at this window display!  Those are old slides they’ve attached together and backlit.  Brilliant.  I could easily do this at home with the very – um – interesting – slides that David has from his high school trip to Russia.  Of course, it would be TERRIBLE if we weren’t able to view them anymore as a slideshow….  Movie night anyone?The best free ride in New York is the Staten Island Ferry.  Great views of the city, and the complete cattle herding experience!My view of lower Manhattan from the ferry.In another life, I would love to be this pigeon, who bathes in the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel.  Pampered snotty bird.This photo of the windows at the Plaza may be one of my favorites of the trip.  There is just something about this that I love.  Not even sure what.  It’s just so… lush.This is a very sad thing.  Professional photographers and this is the only photo of the two of us together for the whole trip.  At least Dave has long arms.Another view of Times Square.  Clearly this town has something for everyone!  The one person I really wanted to photograph and didn’t was a lady we saw in Brooklyn who had a large, full-color tatoo of the virgin Mary on her chest.  There are just so many things I could say about that.  Or not.I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to have the kids with us when we visited the New York City public library.  I could just see their little silhouettes running down this hallway in the amazing light.  A beautiful building.And then there’s the Freak Show at Coney Island.  Yes we saw it AND made the  mistake of sitting on the front row.  It was convenient then for the man with fish hooks in his eyes to rush off the stage and… well, I just don’t even want to talk about it.  But I swear it’s true.  Traumatizing and true.The hot dog we got from Nathan’s at Coney Island was fine, but I think it’s famous just because, well, it’s famous.  Kind of like Paris Hilton.  Our favorite area of NYC was the West Village.  Not only because it was so architecturally beautiful, but really so informative.Took this picture for my sister Sarah, the music teacher.  It looks like a movie set.  Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer walked out right after I took this. : )Every time I travel I find myself expanding – mentally and physically.  I love seeing how other people live and the way they experience life.  I love meeting locals, from our cabbie who recommended a great pizza place to the crazy lady in the donut shop who told me I should douche with sea salt (for the record, I wasn’t asking).  After all, life really is all about the people you meet and the places you see & experience.  Oh, and of course for me… the pictures you take.

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