New York City – Part One

Meet the Chapmans.  We met them last year when we did a travel session in Chicago with all the cousins.  Possibly the craziest session we’ve ever done.  It involved lots of hilarity/adults-wanting-to-pull-their-hair-out/the general chaos of 6 children under the age of 7.  Ultimately, Photoshop was our saving grace.  Don’t believe me?  See it for yourself here.Mom wanted us to come visit them in NYC to photograph this little guy…but surprise!  We got a bonus baby.  And this time, it’s a girl. : )I kept saying while photographing around this window in their apartment “this just feels like something from a LIFE magazine shoot from the 70’s”.  There is something so classic and timeless about these people and this place.  I love this photograph.And yay!  We actually had great weather during our week in NY, so we were able to go down the block and capture some of this great New York architecture.  Dream backdrop!  As a sidenote, we learned that Keira Sedgewick and Kevin Bacon live somewhere near the end of this street….  Session with them next trip?  Anybody know Kevin?  In a less-than-seven-degrees kind of way? ; )

Next up!  Dave in Grand Central Station – and photos of nearly every meal we ate.  Sorry.  Can’t help it.  Thanks to the Chapmans for the fun afternoon, and the great restaurant recommendations!


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