Something embarrassing – and something exciting!





So, if I were to tell you I had an embarrassing story and an exciting announcement, which would you want to hear first?  Yep.  Me too.  I’m not with you, so just pretend my face is red as I tell this.

Dave and I were privileged to speak at our first “professional” gig a couple of weeks ago for Black River Imaging and Professional Photographers of the Ozarks – the “Summer Sizzler”.  We were the keynote speakers, which essentially means that people had to listen to us for a long, long time. : )  Dave had rigged our Keynote presentation so that we could control it by using the ipad and iphone.  I know – high tech.  It was my first experience doing this, so I felt like such a hot shot, flipping through my slides like I knew what I was doing.  I later learned, however, that my unique style of “flipping” through the slides involved the flagrant use of my middle finger.  And I thought people were laughing at us because we were really funny!  My apologies to all our new friends who got such a rude introduction to me. : 0.

Contrary to what this photo shows, we really did more than just stare at our navels.
A “shoot out” that evening with the lovely Tia!Thanks to Elise and Brandon for capturing some behind-the-scenes action!Lovin’ this floor in the hotel lobby!What do you do when you’ve used up the good locations inside the hotel?  Why, you go throw your model in the fountain, of course!I know you’re not going to believe this, but Bubba is not a professional model. : )  He’s a professional photographer who drove all the way to Missouri from Wisconsin on his Harley… and graciously allowed me (and everyone else) to photograph him.One thing I can say about Bubba.  For a big guy he doesn’t sweat much.  Favorite!Oh, and the exciting news?  Dave and I have been asked by Black River to be among their “featured artists”.  It’s such a thrilling honor to be part of this amazing group of ten professional photographers.  We are definitely the peons on this list of artists, many of whom are big names in our industry!  What does it mean?  For starters, our work was featured on one of their full-spread ads this month in Rangefinder magazine.  It also  means that now we’re on the speaking team of photographers who represent Black River at various seminars, workshops and conferences.  I can’t say enough how blessed we feel to have this opportunity.

Thank you to all the participants at the Summer Sizzler!  You were all so encouraging and enthusiastic and made our first experience one we will always remember.  So, I guess I really should say, one more time… sorry I flipped you off.  I hope no one took a picture.






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