The day we took over the library!

Having the opportunity to do monthly fashion spreads for Show Me magazine has been such a fun experience.  For one thing, it allows us to shoot in locations we might normally not have permission to – like the Carnegie public library in Webb City.  Our first house was on the same street as this library – just down the block.  When Emma could barely walk and I was a stay-at-home mom we spent many happy hours here.  I’ve always loved the gorgeous woodwork in this place, and the big arched windows that glow when the sunlight hits them just right.
We had five “models” for this shoot.  It was a wild ride!I so wish I would have taken a behind-the-scenes shot of our chaos!  We took up several tables at the library – overflowing with a huge box of backpacks and lunchboxes from The Crazy Dazy and piles of clothing and accessories from Lil Rascals.  Besides the five models, we also had three additional siblings, five parents, one nanny, one assistant, two photographers – oh, and this lady, who for some reason thought that this particular section of the library would be a good place to read her paper.  Bless her.  Poor woman.Couldn’t you just eat them up?Sweet Ben.  A skull cap just doesn’t belong on this boy.You can see these spreads in the current edition of Show Me the Ozarks magazine!


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