How to take a Promo pic

So, some exciting things are happening around here!  Which means that, in a weird turn of events, Dave and I had to put ourselves in front of the camera for a change to get some promo pics taken.  Let me just say, I have a new appreciation for all our clients now.  Being in photographs is very awkward!  But I’ve learned a few tips through our experience that I think just might be helpful…


First, primp yourself up reeeeeeaaaal good!Then, get rid of all extraneous people.  Especially those pesky children.  We find that an iphone works well to scoot them on out of the way!


Also, find yourself a photographer who’s not too shabby with the camera.  Our good buddy Mark Neuenschwander of 9art photography did a great job on these for us (and we in turn, did a hilarious family session for him – be looking for that on the blog soon!).  But sadly, we would not recommend him for you.  We would recommend ourselves.  Mark bites people.  And he has rabies.  So unfortunate.Choose a pose that makes you look fabulous.  Personally, I prefer down shots.  Anyone looking at this picture would be under the illusion that my legs are long and slender and my hips are tiny.  And really?  Who am I to tell them different?Be yourself!  Whatever that means….And remember – you heard it here first!Many thanks to Mark for the awesome pics.  I guess I should come clean and tell you that no, he really doesn’t have rabies.  He just acts like it sometimes.




2 thoughts on “How to take a Promo pic

  1. You guys are so cute! Love all your pictures SO MUCH! I also enjoy reading your blog, but I understand the heat stifling one’s ability to blog…I too suffer from this affliction. We will prevail!

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