It’s not my fault. It’s just too hot to blog.

So this is how I feel when I haven’t written in my journal for a long time (which is true too, by the way… don’t think I’ve made a journal entry since I had a permanent pacifier in my purse – and my youngest is 4!).  It’s SO hard to begin because there’s SO much to catch up on.  All my good intentions have been sidelined by life – and heat.  I think that’s a pretty good excuse.  It’s hard to think straight when the weather is consistently around the 100 degree mark.  But I know – I KNOW that my favorite blogs are the ones that update frequently, and I feel badly, because you are here.  And I should be too.  So here we go folks.  Hang tight with me.  I had a cup of coffee at 6:30pm so I’m feeling a little crazy.  Let’s get caught up!

We’ll start with some travel sessions.  Here’s a few coming at you from Belton, TX!

This is the picture I intended to post for Father’s Day… precious!

This picture was actually taken mid-conversation.  Can’t remember exactly what story she was telling me, but clearly it required some thought!!I’m a sucker for a “real” family photo.  Probably because this is what would happen with my family.  Someone would just decide to completely turn their back on the camera.Oh yeah, and where is it we are again?

Next up is Waxahachie, TX.  This town is a photographer’s dream!  Looking forward to doing a couple of senior sessions back there this fall : ).

So in my line of work I’ve determined that there are two types of photos you get of your kids:  the sweet smiley one you put out for all to see, and the one that realllllly captures them that you keep just because it makes you laugh every time you see it!One of my all-time favorite kid pics!

This is the one mama chose for the big wall portrait – because it captures the silly and the sweet, all rolled into one!

And one more sweet session from Oklahoma City… This face cracks me up.  She was probably looking at her mama, who is one of the funniest (and loudest – sorry Tara, but you know it’s true) people I know!


Now I’m ready to get out there and do some more travel sessions!  We’re currently planning upcoming trips to New York City, Lubbock, Chicago, Dallas (full) and Austin.  For more details on dates check out updates on our Whitney Scott Photography facebook page.

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